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제 1회 아코디언 페스티벌 교수진 - 안토니오 스파까로텔라

안토니오 스파카로텔라(Antonio spaccarotella)

He trained in modern accordion and Jazz with Renzo Ruggieri during the three years of Jazz accordion, at the G.BRAGA Conservatory of Music in Teramo, he continued his studies in classical accordion (Bayan) at the P.I.Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music in Nocera Terinese (CZ). He specialized in Classical / Modern / Jazz accordion with the greatest international teachers following internships and training courses in Italy and abroad with: Vladimir Zubitsky (Russia), Luciano Biondini (Italy), Alexander technique with Claudio Jacomucci (Italy), Frederic Lips (Russia), Frank Marocco (USA), Frederic Deschamps (France), Mika Vayrynen (Finland), Nicola Pisani (Italy), Mark Tumbas (Grece), Massimiliano Pitocco (Italy). He has participated in and won the most important and important international accordion competitions, in the Varietè and Jazz categories. Selected by the Italian delegations to represent Italy at the finals of the C.I.A World Coupe. Galsgow (Scotland) – CMA World Trophy Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina), in October 2008 won the city prize of Castelfidardo cat. varietè, held by the accordion panorama, the most important accordion competition in the world.

Despite his young age, he performs a frenetic musical activity with multiple projects of various artistic backgrounds. After the recent album Non Cè Tempo, the recordings and arrangements of the new compositions continue, presented in the recent World tour. There are various musical genres to which he is dedicated: jazz, French, tango, experimental music, Avant-garde; is involved in several projects: Solo Accordion Project (Accordion and multimedia – experimentation in tango), La Neve / Spaccarotella 2et (Saxophones and Accordion), original repertoire with an active album (Non Cè Tempo, produced by NSJ Productions). TRIO (Fabrizio La Fauci – Percussions, Velia Ricciardi – Voice) Quartet (Alberto La snow SAX, Fabrizio La Fauci DRUMS, Carlo Cimino BASS) Spaccarotella / Blaiotta 2ett (Piano / Acordion). He performs in Italy and abroad, with tours in: France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Finland, Croatia, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Scotland, Russia, England, South Korea, Canada , Lithuania, New Zealand, China, Canada, USA, India, with concerts at the Sata Hame Soi Festival (Ikalineen – Finland), Shanghai Art Teatre (Shanghai-CHINA), Conca Acustica Juazeiro (Salvador de Bahia – Brazil), Art Arena of SEUL (South Korea), Gnessin Academy in Moscow, XXVIII Accordion Festival -St Petersburg (Russia), Bing Crosby Theater –Spokane WA – (USA), KolKatta Classical Teather (Calcutta). He is an official Scandalli Accordions artist by Castelfidardo for the S6-Air models, an official endorser in Frankfurt Musikmesse and Shanghai MusikChina.

In various training projects in public and private institutions in Italy and abroad, he has held Seminars and Masterclasses at: Shanghai Normal University (China), Department of Music of the Federal University of Paraiba (Brazil), Conservatory of music PI Thaicovsky (Italy), Stanislaus Giacomantonio Music Conservatory (Italy), The prestigious Gnessin Academy of Mosc, etc. He is currently an accordion teacher at the Accademia Nuove Armonie of Paola CS, and an accordion teacher in the Jazz department of the P.I Thaicovsky Music Conservatory. One of the first diatonic accordion teachers at the AFAM-MIUR Campus Santa Severina Kr. He held World Music Workshops in the 38th FIF International Festival of Castelfidardo. He is the coordinator of the Accordion Advance, a design synergy for international professional training, with a class of students and numerous winners and established musicians from over 5 countries. He collaborates with Roland Europe and Roland Italia and is director of the official Roland school of Calabria that selects and trains the finalists of the V-Accordion Festival of (music park – Rome). Establishes the S.I.A.C (South Italy Accordion Culture), member (I.A.C Italian premiere voting member C.I.A), CMA (Confederation Mondiale de l’Accordeon), was the first Italian member of the Music Committee of the C.I.A.

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